Workflow Modular Wall Room Divider System - Black Frame - 53" x 70" Wide Panel Starter Wall with Whiteboard


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Luxor's Modular Room Divider Wall System helps you establish healthy distances and promote productivity in virtually any office or classroom setting. The system is built around a mix of sound-absorbent PET and semi-transparent frosted acrylic inner panels that you can arrange to optimize privacy, noise reduction, and natural light.

Since a single "Starter Wall" is freestanding, it can be used as a stand-alone solution. Or, you can connect the starter wall to a practically infinite number of "Add-On Walls" at both 90-degrees (right angles) and 180-degrees (straight lines) to create a custom configuration for virtually any work or learning space. Each wall features a built-in cable management tray to help keep cords organized, and its durable aluminum frame with sturdy steel feet ensures stability and years of trouble-free use.



  • Each wall includes a mix of PET and frosted acrylic panels that can be arranged to best suit the workspace
  • PET panels:
    • Absorb 85% of ambient noise (NRC 0.85)
    • Are made from recycled, eco-friendly materials
    • Are tackable for posting of notes and photos
    • Can be cleaned with up to 75% isopropyl alcohol
  • Frosted acrylic panels:
    • Enhance privacy without blocking natural light
    • Can double as a whiteboard when used with water-soluble dry-erase markers
    • Can be cleaned with a solution of mild soap and water
  • Starter Walls are freestanding
  • Add-on Walls can be easily connected at right angles and straight lines to accommodate any work or learning space
  • Built-in cable management tray helps keep cords tidy
  • 5-year limited warranty



  • Overall dimensions: 53" W x 15.75" D x 70” H
  • Vertical supports (2): 70" H
  • Panels (Starter and Add-On Wall models come with some/all of the following):
    • Large PET panel (2): 33" W x 21.1" H
    • Small PET panel (2): 15.75" W x 21.1" H
    • Large frosted acrylic panel (1): 33" W x 21.1" H
    • Small frosted acrylic panel (1): 15.75" W x 21.1" H


  • A wall system must include one Starter Wall. If you only desire a single wall, choose a Starter Wall in your preferred size.
  • If you wish to mix and match wall sizes:
    • You can connect an Add-On Wall of any width to a Starter Wall of any width.
    • You can connect any 48"-tall Add-On Wall to any 48"-tall Starter Wall or 48" Add-On Wall.
    • You can connect any 48" or 70"-tall Add-On Wall to any 70"-tall Starter Wall or 70" Add-On Wall.
    • You cannot connect a 70"-tall Add-On Wall to a 48"-tall Starter Wall or 48" Add-On Wall.
    • If you wish to mix and match wall heights, always use a 70"-tall Starter Wall.



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